Sit with Intention, an 8-Week Intro to Meditation

Sit with Intention, an 8-Week Intro to Meditation

March 6th – April 26th

@ The Modern ŌM Loft

Join us as Miami’s senior meditation teachers lead us in an intimate journey inward using 7 chakras-inspired intentions and modern Mindfulness techniques.


20 cushions available

  1. Two meditations per week, Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm – 7:15pm

  2. Weekly Mindfulness emails that include inspiration, playlists, and additional resources

  3. Early access & discounts on Mindfulness events in Miami

Chakra-Inspired Weekly Modules:

March 6th & 8th – Vitality: The energy that springs from living in balance
March 13th & 15th – Passion: The rush as you lose yourself in the moment
March 20th & 22nd – Purpose: The power within to achieve what you desire
March 27th & 29th – Compassion: The love you share unconditionally with the world
April 3rd & 5th – Expression: The voice that reveals the true and unique you
April 10th & 12th – Insight: The ability to see the world as it truly is
April 17th & 19th – Connection: The joy of being present in the now
April 24th & 26th – Freedom: An integration of all the modules

SWI Package $199
$199 for 16 classes (which includes a signature $59 Crystal Integration Mala)


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